Terms & conditions

On signing this contract, the hirer(s) confirms to have read all the terms & conditions of the hire and acknowledges to all the Term and Conditions herein described below.
The hired car is delivered to the hirer in running condition and subject to an inspection test. The hirer agrees to take proper care of the car, paying for normal upkeep of said vehicle and is fully responsible for all damages to the rented car due to neglect, such as omission to check and/or change oil, water, tyre pressure etc. The hirer will also be responsible for any tools, tyres, car documents and accessories which are either missing or damaged upon return of the rented car.
In the event of any fault, defect or malfunctioning of the car, it MUST be reported immediately to 24/7 Car Hire. If the malfunction of the vehicle is of a serious nature, the car must not be driven at all until contact has been established with 24/7 Car Hire and inspection of the car by the company is completed.
The full rental cost is payable in advance upon delivery of the car. Unless the car is returned on time and at the agreed location as specified. The hirer is liable to be charged an additional full day’s rental cost.
On renting the car, any part of the day will count as a full day. Fuel is at the hirer’s expense and is not refundable.
If the hirer desires to change the rental period after taking possession of the vehicle, either by reducing the rental days or prolonging the duration of hire or changing the place or agreed hour of termination, 3 days written or verbal notice must be given to 24/7 Car Hire. No discount will be applicable to the hirer. In the case of cancellation, 3 days full rental fee shall be charged as cancellation. The rented vehicle shall not be operated:

  • To transport goods in violation of traffic regulations or in any other illegal manner
  • To carry more than four passengers in total, excluding the driver
  • To propel or tow any vehicle/trailer/object
  • To participate in any motor sport event
  • By any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • By any learner driver
  • By any person under the age of 21
  • On the beach/sea or any non-asphalt road

The hirer is liable to full cost of damages related to any of the above
The hired car shall only be driven by the hirer or by the person/persons who have been expressly designated and authorized and whose name appear on the rental agreement at the time of signing said agreement
He driver must be in possession of a valid driving license of minimum of three years’ experience for the full term of the rental.
In the case of any incident in which the vehicle is damaged or causes damage, the hirer undertakes to inform the car rental company immediately and have the case investigated on the spot by local police authorities. Under no circumstances should the car be moved. The hirer is further required to make a sketch of the place of accident, obtain names and addresses of persons who have witnessed the accident, and those who have been a party to the accident, and any other pertinent details. The hirer should avoid making any verbal or written promises without first informing 24/7 Car Hire. The said data and sketches are to be handled-delivered at once to 24/7 Car Hire. In case of non-compliance with these requirements, the hirers are fully responsible for damages and/or losses sustained to the rented car.

The hirer expressly agrees to abide by the decision of the Courts of Law of the Seychelles and shall be liable for all the parking fines and traffic violations during the rental period.

Any loss of keys whilst the car is in the possession of the hirer will be the direct responsibility of the hirer who will make good on the loss. A delivery fee may also be levied for its replacement.

Under no circumstances will the car be driven on a flat tyre, otherwise the hirer assumes full responsibility for any damage whatsoever.
The hirer hereby releases 24/7 Car Hire of and from any liability for the loss of and damage to any property left, stored or transported in the vehicle by the hirer or any other person or upon taking the vehicle, before or during the term of this rental or after return of vehicle to 24/7 Car Hire. The hirer further agrees to hold 24/7 Car Hire harmless and to defend and indemnify 24/7 Car Hire against all claims and costs based upon or arising out of such loss or damage.
24/7 Car Hire, whilst taking all reasonable precautions and using its best effort to prevent such happening, shall not be liable for any faults or defects in or from mechanical failure of said vehicle or any consequential loss or damage arising therefrom.
The car should not be left parked unattended in any public area overnight or for any long period during the day. When parking the car, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle’s doors, fuel tank, steering column and boot are securely locked.
The hirer shall not enter into any sub-agreement/sub-contract to rent 24/7 Car Hire’s vehicle to any other third party who is not party to this contract.
The hirer hereby agrees to bear full responsibility and liability to make good damage and loss sustained to the rented vehicle. The hirer is liable to pay 24/7 Car Hire for physical damages caused to the vehicle (eg: exterior damages caused to the car’s body such as dents, scratches or marks, damages or puncture to the vehicle’s tyres, etc.). The hirer is also liable to pay 24/7 Car Hire for mechanical damages caused to the vehicle. The hirer is liable to pay 24/7 Car Hire for damages caused to the interior of the car (eg: such as damage caused to the car seats etc.). The hirer is obliged to make payment at 24/7 Car Hire’s request when the hirer returns the car to 24/7 Car Hire. An inspection test will be conducted upon the hirer returning the car to 24/7 Car Hire.

The car must always be driven of the left side of the road. Driving or parking on the incorrect side of the road will render the hirer fully responsible and liable for any damage sustained to the rented vehicle.

Any abnormal damage to the tyres including a puncture, will be the responsibility of the hirer who shall bear the costs of its replacement.
It is the responsibility of the hirer to keep the interior of the car in good condition. The hirer agrees not to remove any of the fixtures and fittings of the vehicle and to keep the said fixtures in their present state
The hirer agrees to keep the exterior of the car in good condition and to keep the car in a neat and well-maintained condition
In the event of an accident, the hirer agrees to bear the costs relating to transportation and/or towing of the damaged vehicle to 24/7 Car Hire’s premises

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